Democracy on the Streets


Protest for climate justice and human dignity
for the EU elections in June 2024
17-26 May

About Us

"Democracy on the Streets" is an international extension of the Germany-wide initiative "Ohne Kerosin Nach Berlin" (OKNB) by the Students for Future movements. It is a trans-European bicycle protest aimed at promoting climate justice and a sustainable future.

Events 2024

Protest for democracy and climate justice bike
Klima- & Demokratiecamp in Köln!

Our concern

We are loudly in favour of a democratic European Union that adheres to climate targets and upholds human dignity everywhere and at all times. As young people, we are committed to participation, sustainability and justice. Before the EU elections in June 2024 and always.

Go and vote!

For democracy, equality and sustainability. Against far-right parties and fascists. Against all forms of discrimination.

Let's live the idea of a free, peaceful and just Europe. No one should die at external borders. No human being is illegal. Everyone deserves appreciation and support when they need it.

We demand a European policy that enables people to live a life that is compatible with sustainability goals. The structural climate warming and environmental destruction caused by fossil fuels must be stopped immediately. Economic activity and consumption at the expense of the Global South are unacceptable.

Let us show solidarity. Let us fight together for our concerns.

Protest for democracy and climate justice bike

Routen details


Get Involved

Be a part of our journey towards change. Join the bike demo, visit us along the route, or follow our progress online. Every pedal stroke and every voice counts as we cycle towards Brussels for climate justice and democracy.

Join the Bike Demo

Embark on the journey with us from May 20-24. Whether you're with us for a day or the entire route, your participation makes a difference.

Visit Us on the Route

Not ready to cycle? You can still be a part of the movement. Visit us at our stops along the way and show your support.

Stay Connected

Can't join in person? Follow our journey and support us from afar.

Follow us on Instagram to stay updated on our activities and impact.


Chairpick zum Teile

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Our Journey So Far

Since 2020, we've actively championed democracy and climate justice. Through our determined protests and meaningful dialogues, we've taken our fight to the streets. The initiative has evolved over the years, adapting its routes and targets to reflect current environmental and political climates.

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